Speculative Drawings

I use drawing in watercolour to speculate, and consider it a useful research method in design. A material that bleeds, watercolour enables me to speculate and critically play with concepts. I embrace the irregularity in the way the pigment and water move around the paper, encouraging me to abandon control of the creative process and become comfortable with uncertainty. Drawing is thinking in action as ideas mutate, evolve and merge in playful, unpredictable ways. Watercolour enables me to make sense of the material world I explore, populated by bodies, technologies and machines.

sketch 25

Machines and artefacts, traditionally drawn in clean thin straight lines that reflect the rationales of manufacturing processes, become defamiliarised when hand painted in watercolour, a medium usually associated with art and illustration and characterised by diluted, hazy and evocative strokes. I find that drawing machines in watercolour provides me another way of understanding them, through a fluidity that is usually associated with organic bodies and forms, rendering artefacts as uncanny: strange yet familiar. Watercolour concepts exist in unfinished, open ended suspension, moving between the known and the unknown, inviting other possibilities.


Watercolour is a medium that, unlike pencil, does not allow for marks to be erased. This encourages an acceptance that creative and investigative processes are uncertain and deal with the unknown: no mark is a mistake; it is just another way of attempting to describe that which we are trying to understand better. The fluidity and watery quality of watercolour drawing can defy precision but invite narrative, allowing speculations of possible scenarios to emerge into the research space.

More can be read in my papers PYurman Fluid Ideations: Defamiliarising and Speculating with Watercolour and So I drew this thing. Conversations through Artefact Drawing

I also post my drawings on https://www.instagram.com/fluid_speculations/


sketch 21

machine mutation: breast pump + surveillance camera


AGETECH sketch 4

exploring ideas about technologies for bodily fluids


sketch 18

sketch 17sketch 26'

sketch 4

machine mutation: breast milk pump+ spray



machine mutation: projector + scale



machine mutation: breast pump + radio



IMG_8261 2



sketch 13