I work as a Designer and Researcher.

I am currently doing my doctoral studies in the Design Department at Goldsmiths College, investigating how design can interpret the ambivalent attitudes towards the smartphone experienced by mother and child, as it flexibly transforms from work tool into plaything, creating tensions. By developing a series of experiments in design, I am giving material form to narratives that explore the complex behaviours brought by this device in family life.

I worked as Research Associate at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art on the multidisciplinary project Family Rituals 2.0, funded by the EPSRC. This project investigates the evolving nature of daily rituals in families that regularly experience separation due to work travel. Following Design-Led Ethnographic case studies with 5 families, a series of Ritual Machines were developed and deployed for each of these families to live with for a period of up to eight weeks. These machines are bespoke and form a conversation with each of our participating families, identifying their specific domestic rituals and their attitudes towards home, work, separation and reunion. The work is a collaboration between the RCA and Newcastle University’s Open Lab.

My background is in product design and my experience ranges from toy and interactive design to furniture and home products. I have a keen interest in innovation and creativity in everyday life behaviour.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art I worked as a Designer for Sekisui Design Centre in Japan and as a Senior Designer for LEGO in Denmark. I worked with Conran & Partners, Brand Environment and SPD before setting up my own design practice. I have recently designed a range of product concepts of baby/toddler furniture for Mothercare and a series of rugs for the Danish firm Linie Design.

A list of selected publications and outputs can be seen here.


An uncanny pet (PhD work)